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Bet online on your favourite sports like football, rugby, tennis and others at the Top 10 best online betting sites right now. Follow the advice provided by our sports prediction bookmaker.

Top 10 Bookmaker - What You Get When You Play Online

The top 10 bookmaker or any other top 10 lists are actually rather subjective; what is number one for one player might not be for another. However the top 10 bookmaker list online in the UK industry is generally also backed up by a live reputation. In other words, bookmakers have been doing their thing in the UK and even in some European countries for a very long time. So, formulating an online top ten list is really no big deal for online gambling listing sites, as most players, bookies and their peers agree about who the best bookies are.

In our version of the top 10 bookmaker list, we place Ladbrokes Bookmakers first. You might disagree and believe that William Hill should be first, but for the point of this exercise, let's make it Ladbrokes ok? This is a favourite brand in the UK and Europe, they have been operating for decades and everyone knows their name. They have hundreds of High Street Branches and their online gambling portfolio includes bingo, casino, poker, Vegas, financial, lotto, live and mobile games.

In second place on the top 10 bookmaker list, we say William Hill, another listing told us Totesport, but actually don’t agree. William Hill has been a major sports betting brand in the UK for a very long time and like Ladbrokes have hundred branches in High Streets as well as a comprehensive gambling offering in the online space, they are not only High Street bookmakers.

We like Betfred in Third place on our top 10 bookmaker list, this is because they are an independent offering who have recently become more expansive about online bingo. We are not really sure what will happen with this brand and bingo, but what we do know about their bookmaking is they are onto a very good thing. They are a brand which acts with ethics and morals and are not called the "Bonus Kings" for no good reason.

For the simple fact that Betfair recently moved their online division to licensing in Gibraltar, we will place Betfair fourth. This is a well known British brand and they are know because of their staunch support of the UK horse racing industry. Despite the fact that horse racing levies do not need to be paid to the British offshore licensed industry Betfair made a commitment to still pay their levy. In fact just this week they handed over a cheque for £6 million to the Horserace Betting Levy Board. They are the first offshore licensed UK bookmaker to actually do this. We don't know about you, but we are having a re-think, perhaps we should put them in the Number 1 spot?

Let's put Totesport in Fifth place in our top 10 bookmaker list. They have built up a huge reputation based on offering a wide range of betting, but with roots deep-set within the horse racing field. In the UK we love horse racing, it is the sport of Kings.

That is five in total, as for the other five on the top ten list? Because any list is subjective, why not examine what you would put in as the next five?

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Football betting 2014

The football World Cup 2014 is going to be the sporting event of this year. The football World Cup is a tournament that is on the grandest scale. This is a sporting event that captures the hearts and minds of sports fans worldwide. When the world game is showcased to the...
Read the following Add a comment Wednesday, 11 June 2014

“Prix Fernand Dufaure” in Auteuil: “Fleur d’Ainay” empresses!

After Storm Of Saintly in 2013, the edition 2014 of the Prix Ferdinand Dufaure which took place in Auteuil racecourse saw the victory of the mare called “Fleur d’Ainay”. The big favourite Red Name took the lead for a good part of the race. Jacques Ricou’s mare tried to follow the...
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Champions League: A draw between the Atletico and the Chelsea

The semi-final first-leg of the Champions League took place on April 22 in Madrid. The match ended in a tie with no goal scored, between Chelsea and Atletico. In any rate, it is the result expected by the team of José Mourinho, i.e. in the aim to allow Chelsea entering the...
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How to bet online- Tip and tricks

Betting is an activity carried out by people when watching a particular game or when playing a casino game. Bets depend on people, the kind of game being played and the intensity of the game. There are ways of betting online for particular games. The best known way is through betting...
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The Atlético dominates the Real

The Atlético of Madrid amazed the public, and also the amateurs of sports betting, during the semifinal in which Madrid’s team was opposed to Chelsea, in Stamford, this Wednesday. In fact, the latter was beaten by Mourinho’s players on a score of 3 to 1, preventing thus Chelsea to reach the...
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Grand Prix du Centre-Est (Gr.3): Rire Mutin well placed to win the title

Because of the insufficiency of the number of runners, the edition 2014 of the Grand Prix du Centre-Est won’t be the support of the a-la-carte bets. The fanatics of online betting offers are disappointed. This event of trot stamped Gr.3 has all the same a certain interest. Most of horses which...
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More satisfaction with casino games without depositing money

Online casino games are an entertainment which begins to attract more and more people since a few years because it is a game which does not require large investments. Indeed, it is possible to take part in blackjack, roulette or craps or sessions of slot machine without spending a single penny....
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Miami masters: Berdych is stronger

On Thursday, despite his efforts, Alexandr Dolgopolov finally bowed in front of the Czech Tomas Berdych in quarter finals of the Miami Masters (6-4, 7-6[3]). The skill and good will of the Ukrainian amazed the public and enthusiasts of online sports events betting. During a great part of this match, the...
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