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Home > The Atlético dominates the Real
The Atlético dominates the Real
The Atlético of Madrid amazed the public, and also the amateurs of sports betting, during the semifinal in which Madrid’s team was opposed to Chelsea, in Stamford, this Wednesday. In fact, the latter was beaten by Mourinho’s players on a score of 3 to 1, preventing thus Chelsea to reach the final; but on the other hand, offering to the fanatics of football a final 100% for Madrid’s team. Thus, it will be the Atlético of Madrid and the Real Madrid which are going to confront towards the last step of the champions league, after the Real pushed the Bayern Munich aside during the first semifinal, which was held on Tuesday evening.
The beginning of the match of Atlético in front of Real has nevertheless been dominated by Costa’s team mates after a goal in Madrid’s nets, by the fifth minute. But Real managed to equal the score, thanks to Torres, before the whistle, to mark the end of the first period. After, the match resumed and Madrid’s players inherited from a penalty kick, after a fault of Etoo in the goal area; thus enabling Atlético leading the score (2-1). Destabilized by this another goal, Turan took the opportunity to score the goal of the victory, in the 72th minute. As for it, the bets on football of Champion’s league are available through betting sites, for this 100% Madrid- teams final.

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Friday, 09 May 2014
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