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Tilt in Poker
TV will tell you how the perfect poker player looks like. He is cool, relaxed and completely at home at the tables. He does not sweat and moves quietly down in his chair.

His opponent is balding and chubby and he makes silly choices.

The average online poker player is pretty much in the middle of the spectrum. Sometimes he is totally focused on his game, keeping an excellent eye on what is going at the tables. Other times it seems like he loses control of himself and he is obsessed by the pot.

Going on tilt makes no sense. It will only create a hole in your bankroll and a dent in your confidence. However, every experienced poker player will face the tilt. This is usually not coming out of the blue. There a clear signs and, more importantly, warnings.

There are several situation that trigger the tilt. Losing multiple hands in a row can be really frustration. Emotions like frustrations and anger are the perfect fuel for tilt. In fact, any negative emotion can be dangerous. That’s way playing poker when you are in a bad mood is never a good idea.

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Thuesday, 12 April 2011
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